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Pastoral Counselor, D. Min., FBPPC 

My approach to effective treatment involves using EMDR, when appropriate, and psychoanalytic/phychodynamic approaches to therapy.  I am a Pastoral Counselor and a member of the Catholic community.  One of the most important goals of my practice is to ensure that my patients experience a safe place, a  peaceful environment where they can feel free to relax and heal while secure in the knowledge of the safety and confidentiality of our therapy together. I use a very gentle, non-confrontational method of working through problems.  It is especially helpful for those who have experienced trauma to know I use a positive, supportive approach to therapy to assist your journey to mental/emotional health.  Although I am a Pastoral Counselor, religion will not come into our discussion unless you specifically request it.  I do not "preach" to my clients!  If and when you want to discuss your faith, it will be in the context of your own personal faith tradition, not mine.  I do therapy with people from all faiths.  If you do not want to include religion in your therapy treatment, as a Pastoral Counselor, the faith stays within me.  I draw on my own spirituality to assist me in helping you along the path of your healing journey.