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...is the private practice of Pastoral Counselor and Psychotherapist Deborah Orkiszewski, D.Min, FBPPC.   My practice serves the needs  of women and children in Raleigh, Cary and surrounding areas of North Carolina.  I do not have a shelter.  I am a solo psychotherapist providing out-patient therapy in my Cary office.  I specialize in helping women who have experienced trauma in their life.  The trauma may have been in the form of rape, childhood sexual abuse, unsuccessful bonding to a parent or caretaker in childhood, abortion, pregnancy and other stressful situations women encounter in their daily lives.  I help women heal their wounds and prosper.  I have experience working with PTSD, dissociative disorders, and  multiple personality disorder.  I use a combination of psychoanalytic/phycodynamic techniques combined with  EMDR when indicated.   I encourage my patients to draw on their spiritual/religious practices, if that is a part of their life, as an adjunct to therapy.  I use a very gentle form of supportive therapy especially comfortable to someone who has experienced trauma.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance and will file it for you.  Your first session will be for the purpose of taking a history and getting to know what you expect to gain through therapy. Therapy works best when you are seen on a weekly basis if possible. I do sixty minute sessions because trauma needs a lot of time and gentle patience to resolve.  Therapy will progress at your pace.  I will not rush you to reveal traumatic events until you are ready and want to work on them.  I believe in a casual atmosphere in the office.  No need to dress up - I would rather you feel comfortable and relaxed in session.
     I also see women who simply need to have someone to discuss everyday problems and frustrations with someone.  You don't need to have a trauma history to some in to see me!

If you are experiencing a situation that requires immediate attention or emergency help, please contact Interact of Wake County at 828-7501 or the crisis line at 828-7740.  Their web site may be visited at www.interactofwake.org.  You may also go to the nearest emergency room and ask to see the mental health professional on call.